Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surprise Getaway

I've had to remind myself several times today of the power of positive thinking.  With upcoming travel for work, and the forecast of snow, it doesn't make for a happy me.  But by this afternoon, I decided it was time to put my big girl panties on and chant, "I know I can, I know I can" since there really wasn't any other option.

Somehow it nearly always snows on and around my birthday.  As a child, this meant I rarely ever had anyone outside of family over for my birthday.  Sure, it also meant the possibility of the day off from school, but in reality school is kind of fun on your special day.  As an adult, I've been cursed with having to travel nearly every year around that time.

Last year, I was scheduled to go on an awards trip and the snow really dampened my plans, forcing a cancellation.  This year, I'll be traveling to Lexington for a work meeting.  Since I really don't like being away from home overnight or sleeping in a hotel, I had planned on leaving the house very early on Friday morning.  (With the hospital meetings I attend, this was nothing unusual for me.)  However, once I learned that a chance of snow would be hitting the night before, I had to rethink my plans.

Going up early would mean a trip I hadn't planned on or was prepared for.  I would have to shuffle and juggle, but what mom doesn't know how to do that?  In the end, I've decided it's best to go up tomorrow afternoon and be in the hotel before the snow hits.  Hopefully, the roads will be cleared before the four hour trip home.  Yes, there's extra time calculated in for the potential of bad roads but mostly it's because I'll have to pass up my exit for home to return the rented car.  (another gripe for another day but the OC really needs an Enterprise!)  It'll make for a longer trip and I'll probably miss the tip-off to Noah's game that night.

All of this adds up to quite a few lemons that has made it hard for me to squeeze into lemonade today.  As I was grumbling to myself and pulling out the suitcase, I stopped.  Seriously?  I was letting this little trip ruin my day...steal my joy?  And so I stopped.  I breathed in and started over. 

I began packing with a purposeful skip in my step and searched for the happiness in the trip.  Yes, it was a night away from home, which I really don't prefer, but I could look at it as quality me time instead.  I packed in a few books that I still haven't found the time to finish, comfy pjs and fuzzy socks, and began to look forward to it a bit more. 

Going up the night before would allow me to be safer, big plus.  I'd be snugly tucked into my room well before the snow came and I wouldn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn.  I also wouldn't have buns of steel from clinching them together for 3 hours of driving on a snowy road.  Well, maybe the outcome wouldn't be so bad, but seriously, I don't like driving in bad weather.  ...I'll just have to keep those positive vibes going that the ride home will be smooth as well.

Tomorrow night will be a freebie, an unexpected surprise getaway.  On the long drive over, I'll have plenty of time to listen to all the new music we received for Christmas.  I'll pretend I'm being whisked away on some luxury vacation as I check into my budget hotel.  And I'll get to read, uninterrupted, for as long as my heart desires.  Oh, and don't forget room service!  Sure, it might be from the cheap Chinese restaurant down the street but I can pretend it's gourmet cuisine being delivered to my private suite.

The trip is necessary and something I have to do, because I am pretty fond of electricity and food at the house.  I could grumble and complain the whole way, making for a crabby me on the eve on my birthday weekend.  But, instead I'll choose to make the most of it...all while sipping my sweet lemonade!


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