Friday, January 14, 2011

Game Time

Last night's first game of the year was bound to be interesting.  It was a make-up game from last Friday, which was cancelled because of the snow.  In fact, it seems like they've had more cancelled games than actual play time so far this season.  This game was almost their first in a month between weather and Christmas break.  Even though they've had a few practices, you never know how the game will go when the boys are so stale.

After being cooped for the past several days because of the snowy roads, I was more than ready for some basketball action!  I'm really not a fan of basketball unless my favorite player is on the floor.  Sure, I'll take in a UK game every now and then but I'm just as ok if I miss it.  There's just no comparison to seeing a game live - and the excitement of watching your child play.

The smell of popcorn....the thud, thud, thud as the ball is bounced, waiting for just the right moment...the swish of a perfect basket...the roar of a crowd...the sharp contrast in facial expressions with every shot - one of excitement, another of disappointment.  And my favorite moments...when a kid makes the perfect block or an amazing shot and you see and feel everything from the look on their face.

For nearly the first quarter of the game, there were no points on the scoreboard.  Between missed shots and good defense on both sides, it seemed it might be a slow game.  Then it was as if both sides yawned, stretched and bounced out of bed - and the game was on.  It was one of those games where you felt like you were shaking your head no all night, from moving your eyes on one end of the court to other.  By the second half my knees were feeling it, as we'd inch the edge of our seats, jump up in excitement, or push back in defeat.  I joked that the crowd must look like a field of prairie dogs, popping up and down in the bleachers all night.

Noah made some great blocks but didn't get much basket action, as the opposing team was all over him defensively.  Smart on their part, though momma bear was frustrated!  Actually I could sense the tension between the teams, as they both wanted the win.  There were several "ball fights" that even made it all the way to the floor.  It was a close game all the way to the end.  I felt for the child who had the chance to tie the game with his foul shots at 1:00 second on the clock.  Can you imagine that pressure?  It swirled the rim as we all took a collective breath - and missed.  But it was still one amazing game!


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