Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Bliss

Today was a jam-packed, busy, family & fun-filled birthday! We had no plans when we left the house this morning but we didn't make it home until well into the evening.  I love days like that...filled with one spontaneous moment after the next.  They guys let me take the driver's seat, adding in suggestions through the day.

Tim woke me up this morning singing "Happy Birthday" and surprised me by singing every line.  We enjoyed coffee by the fire and the views of the freshly fallen snow.  Thankfully the snow we received was just a pretty frosting so the roads were clear for us to get out.  We headed out early, needing to get the rental car back.  Noah was sad to see the new ride go back, saying "I'll miss you ole' buddy" as we locked it for the last time. 

I was treated to a yummy lunch at Red Lobster.  While the food was wonderful, my favorite part was watching Noah enjoy his meal.  He must be going through a growth spurt, as he's a bit of a bottomless pit these days.  I didn't think there was any way he could finish his plate but he sucked down every last crab leg and then some!  They tried several times to have the staff sing to me but I kept feeding them excuses and distractions by the time the check arrived.

The rest of the day was filled with randomness with the only constant being lots of laughter.  We shopped...we bowled....we jammed to some radio tunes....until eventually making it home where we'll enjoy some turtle pie and a movie by the fire.  Throughout the day I received dozens of calls, messages and well wishes, and my one yearly real card in the mail from my sweet Aunt Cheryl, who never forgets.  The sweetest wish though came from my lil niece and nephew, who are 2 and 3, and sang me the birthday song as only those angel babies could do.  And the cherry on top was a side-splitting e-card that my mom sent complete with my dancing bobble-head hubby doing a birthday jig.

It was a wonderfully, amazing, ordinary, every day, blessed birthday.  Yet, as much as I've enjoyed every moment, my soul can't help but pause and ache, wishing I could be with Austin on this special day.  Today was always his Happy 1/2 birthday, as he celebrated exactly six months after mine.  I've certainly felt him today....from the bright green shirt Noah chose to wear, to being by Austin's jersey number at the bowling lane, and other special whispers in the day.  I've opened each gift as they came and tucked them away to store in my heart.  Those memories will be what I treasure and hold onto until I see him again.


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