Friday, January 7, 2011

Country mouse visits the Big city

I have traveled quite a bit in my job but to say I'm "well-traveled" is a stretch.  I've never been anywhere that's required a passport, as luckily our trips to the Bahamas & Jamaica happened pre-passport law.  I've been as far as Washington state, traveled through the California wine country, seen the Grand Canyons, and have visited all the southern-most states.  The majority of my traveling consists of the local area though. 

At some point in my career, I've managed just about every county in Western Kentucky.  So, if you want to know a good eating place, or the little known spots in any county in the surrounding area, you can count on me.  The main "big cities" my job requires me to visit are Louisville, Lexington, Nashville and Birmingham.  I usualy enjoy visiting those places but after five minutes of sitting still in traffic I remember why I don't live there.  I'm a country dirt road girl and would much rather drive in my friendly little town where people wave with all five fingers!

This week's trip was a visit to Lexington.  You know you're getting closer when the fields become fenced and the barns are nicer than my house.  It is a beautiful town and I enjoy driving through it as far as window-gazing goes.  I wonder if there are frequent wrecks on the stretch with the "Castle" because even as many times as I've seen it, I still rubberneck.  What I'm not a fan of, as I've stated already, is the traffic.  As I merged onto New Circle Road last night, I saw miles and miles of headlights facing me due to the opposite lane being bogged with rows of vehicles.  I sighed a little prayer of relief that I was on the faster side and wouldn't have to sit through that to get to my hotel.

The hotel was in great location, nestled between two malls, but night had already fallen and my recovery from strep informed me I should turn in early.  It was also spitting snow and unsure of the forecast I opted for pjs and pizza delivery.  Sidebar - I'd never stayed at a Homewoods Suite hotel but it was very nice.  I enjoyed the homey feel of the place, as the room included a small living room and kitchen area.  They even serve a "welcome home" meal on weeknights and have complementary popcorn in the room.

One of the sweetest moments last night was shortly after I checked in.  Because I used my phone as a GPS, my battery was shot and I knew Tim & Noah would be worried if I didn't call.  I e-texted my mom and gave her the hotel room number to pass along to them when she had the great idea for us to Facebook chat.  Tim had never done it - or even heard of it - but she directed him through it and within moments we were chatting.  It was a bit of a paused conversation, as I had to wait several minutes for Mr. Hunt & Peck to reply back.  A few sentences in I noticed the speed improved, as Noah took the driver's seat.  Our conversation was so cute and I was laughing aloud in my room by the end of it.

Me:  How was your day?  :)  (only the chat program inserted a real smiley)
Noah:  ok, how did you do that?
Me:  You type : plus ) together
Noah: (smiley)

We continued this for every chat symbol I knew how to do and he loved it.  I thought it was cool that the mom was teaching the kiddo technology for once!

As much as I missed my family, it was nice last night to just relax and have some me time.  I got to order a pizza just the way I wanted....with spinach and tomatoes, watch whatever I wanted, and read as long as I wanted.  The big plus was that, having no responsibilities or obligations, I could go to bed whenever I wanted  - and I did.  Around 9 p.m., which on our time is only 8.  I haven't seen a 8:00 bedtime in forever!  It was heavenly to have more than a full night's sleep and to leisurely get ready for work this morning.  I had breakfast at my tiny kitchen table watching GMA and taking as long as I needed to get dressed and out the door.

It was the calmest, most relaxed morning I can remember since being mom; however, I'll take chaos any day!  For, nothing beats coming home to a big bear hug from Noah, yips and jumps from Patch, and a sweet kiss from my hubby, who seconds later says...."what's for dinner?"


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