Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Medicine Man

When Noah came home from practice last night, I could tell he was more than the average tired.  Normally, he'd be starving and more than eager to eat dinner, but instead he opted for the couch.  I figured it was just the first practice of the year, post holiday indulgences, and it was more than his body was ready for.

He can be a bit of a "man" when he's not feeling well, adding a little drama and exaggeration to his descriptions sometimes.  However, after a scan of his forehead registered a low fever and the sounds and sniffles I could hear from the bathroom, I decided medicine was needed.  We opted for an early bedtime, hoping for a quick recovery.  Around midnight, mr. virus came knocking on my door and I knew Noah wasn't exaggerating.  I made Tim go check on him while I stocked up on a dose of medicine myself.  By morning, it didn't take much decision to know that we would be taking our virus for a doctor's visit.

One of the things I love about Noah though is that even when he doesn't feel well, he's still funny.  I think he added to his stand up routine today knowing I didn't fell well either.  He's a momma's boy and doesn't like to see me sick.  We shared an exam room and he had me laughing so much, I was afraid the staff would think we were faking.  As I stepped out for some paperwork, I could overhear Noah continuing his show with the doctor.  He notified her he wasn't here for shots, would prefer a pill over liquid if she could make that work, and that we're a sharing family, since we frequently manage to get sick at the same time.

Afterwards, we went for a covert shopping trip for the needed Sprite and chicken soup that strep requires.  (I really don't like spreading viruses and was very cautious not to touch anything we didn't buy or stay longer than needed.)  He was cute though, pulling on his hoody, as if that could somehow protect the innocent checker from our germs.  I tried talking to him in pig latin when we said the rep-stay word but it only made him talk louder, which added to our giggles.

 While at the store, he convinced me to buy him clementines.  He was so passionate about how he'd tried them from a friend and how great they were, I couldn't resist, especially with the added benefit of vitamin C.  If I'd ever tried them, I don't remember but they really were quite a cute and tasty little fruit.  As usual, he's teaching me something.  Once back in the safety of our house, he continued to make what is not a fun virus nearly enJOYable, if that's possible.

I know he did much more but the combination of fatigue and medicine don't make for great writing so I'll wrap it up here.  All I know, is that aside from the needed antibiotic, I could've saved the $100 bucks and just visited with Dr. Noah.  He's certainly given me more than my daily dose of laughter today!


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