Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

I think I must be in the minority here, noticing so many friend's Facebook posts today, but I love snow days!  Sure it's cold outside but there is such beauty in winter, if you open yourself up to it.  There's a peace and a calm to a field of freshly fallen snow.  I imagine that on a snowy day, Mother Nature gets to nap, as even Earth needs to rest now and then.  A blanket of snow seems to call for slowing down, relaxing, taking a deep breath and just being still in the moment.

Living nearly an hour away from the office, I'm blessed to be able to work from home when the roads are snowy.  Today though the office actually closed, due to the road conditions, so I didn't even have to feel guilty for my city living co-workers.

Although I still had work that needed to be accomplished today, it was nice to do it at home with my sweet little guy by my side.  He crawled into bed with me this morning, after Tim left for work, who sadly never gets a snow day with his job.  I enjoyed my coffee snuggled next to Noah, who snoozed while I caught up on email.

When we were good and ready we retreated from the warmth of the flannel sheets and transferred our pj bodies to blankets by the fire for breakfast.  The rest of our day has been filled with simple, fun, family moments.  Noah  caught up on Doogie Howser reruns, while I cancelled appointments.  We shared a quick lunch at the table with Tim and snuck in a board game.  And I spent a glorious hour or more coloring on the couch while Noah finished his homework assignment. 

I forgot how peaceful it is to color, a past time I've enjoyed since I was a child.  We try to take time to color together a few times every winter.  It's a fond childhood memory I have with my mom and one I'm glad to pass along to Noah.  So, unlike the many complaints I've heard and read today about the snow and all the wishes for winter weather to be over, I'm thankful for it.  Snow days are a gift and I'm going to soak up every flake!


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