Monday, January 3, 2011

New 'Do, New Attitude!

Noah had a lot more excitement than I did this morning.  6 am was a hard reality to face, especially after being spoiled from a lazy two weeks off.  I couldn't pull myself out of the warm flannel sheets until about 6:20.  On my way to wake up Noah I was startled to find his light already on.

When I walked into his room, I found him not only up but fully dressed.  He said, "Good morning, Mom.  I'm all ready except my teeth and hair."  I rubbed my eyes thinking I must be dreaming.  Last night was restless, as I tossed and turned not yet ready to face the first workday of the year.  But no, it was really him and he was really awake.  Before me.  And ready.

Now, I must lay a little ground work here about how much Noah likes to sleep for you to understand why I'd be startled.  When I say I was "lazy" on Christmas break it was because I stayed in my PJ's all day.  Most days I was up well before 8 am though and only took the occasional nap.  Noah on the other hand, stayed up past midnight and would sleep past noon, or however late I allowed.  He didn't get up until I woke him up.  He's always been a sleeper and most mornings it is usually a struggle to get him up, dressed, and out of the house for school.

Today, he was nearly bouncing off the walls.  And to top it off, he was excited about fixing his hair.  In the past, this was one of our biggest challenges.  He was blessed with a headfull of curls and cursed with a little OCD.  To get his hair to lay just the way he wanted was nearly impossible.  Over the break, I treated him to an early Christmas present and let him get it chemically straightened.  (My present has come back to me tenfold in how easy it is to fix his hair now!)


He has enjoyed shocking and surprising family and friends over the break with how much the hair makeover has changed his looks.  People have walked past him in the stores, not recognizing him.  He was most excited though about showing off his new look at school.  When he called me on the way home to give his daily update, I didn't even have time to ask.  He chuckled as he retold how one teacher didn't know who he was, another thought he was a new student, and all the comments he received.

It's been a  little tough taking in his new appearance because just by straightening his hair, he aged three or four years.  My baby with the cute curls has disappeared and in his place, a pre-teen growing by the minute.  I'm still not sure I am ready to give in to the fact that he's not my little boy anymore but it has made it somewhat easier seeing his happiness.  Who knew a hairdo could bring such joy to a ten-going on 11-looking like he's 13-year old boy?!


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