Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Daily Drive

I've commuted to work all my life. Even in high school, my job was over 30 minutes from my house. I don't know what it's like to get ready and drive a mile or two down the street to work. I guess that comes with living in a small town!

While in college, my jobs were near the school in Owensboro, but all still about an hour away from home. My first "real job" was in Owensboro too and I've been working in this town ever since. When I took the Development position twelve or so years ago at ACS, I remember them asking if I would have a problem with the amount of traveling it required. I chuckled when I answered, commenting how long I'd already been doing it.

Now, I won't say that I always love commuting. It certainly has points that aren't fun - like driving in bad weather, or when you don't feel well and you just want to get home, or even on sad days as the drive can become very lonely. Overall though, the drive to and from work has always been my daily dose of "me time" and I usually look forward to it. The drive gives me time pray and talk to God, to listen to music, and to enjoy the scenery.

Being a working mom is a busy job. Sometimes you wish for just a few more hours in a day. That frantic, running all the time mentality can make you put God aside. I've been guilty myself of thinking, "He's always there," and only going to him in times of need. However, I appreciate and am grateful for the time my daily drive gives me to spend with Him. Having nearly two blocked hours of time each day allows me to focus my thoughts on Him, to talk to Him, and most importantly to listen to Him.

I'm a station hopper, and as I've written before, a fan of a very wide array of music. It usually just depends on my mood as to what I'm listening to. However, for the past year or so, I've become a devoted listener to K-Love. I found it one day, while driving of course, and instantly fell in love with it's inspirational and powerful messages. If I am going to work, I love how the songs can change my mood and bring a positive energy through my day. On the way home, I enjoy how it can calm me, ease my worries, and put me in the right frame of mind to greet my family after a long workday. The only bad part is that I can't pick up the station throughout my whole drive. Oh well... it gives me time to enjoy other things too!

You would think I'd grow tired of seeing the same fields, the same trees, and the same houses every single day but I don't. As many years as I've driven those roads, I still find something new nearly every day to admire and bring me joy. God paints new pictures each morning with the sunrise and depending on the time of the day, a different and beautiful surprise greets me. I love watching the seasons change before my eyes, especially this time of year. Each afternoon I'm welcomed home with new and deeper colors on the trees. Before long, the sun will be setting on my drive home. While I'll miss the long days of summer, I'll enjoy driving home to the amazing sunsets created each evening. No matter the time of day or night, there is always something magnificent and breathtaking to see in this world!

So, if you see me on my daily commute and wonder why I'm staring aimlessly out the window, you'll know the reason now. Or, if you see me swaying and singing, you'll know I'm celebrating life in song. And, if you see me talking to myself, you'll know I'm really not alone at all. Whatever my reaction, I'm just enjoying my daily drive.


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