Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today I had the honor of being in the same room as some of our country's finest - men and women who are serving our country. To think of what these soldiers do for us on a daily basis, nearly brought me to tears. We are so fortunate to have the freedoms we do and I think most of us overlook them.

It's difficult to truly appreciate all the freedoms we have when we've never experienced being without. If you've never known what it is like to not feel safe walking the streets outside your home, to worship as you believe, vote by choice, how can you really know? I'm ever thankful that I don't have to. I'm grateful that we have a country where all these freedoms are given to us from the moment we are born. And, I'm overwhelmed by the protection we are given by soldiers like I met today.

What brought me surprise was that I was thanked by many of them today. Thanked for being there, for bringing them information, when it was just my job to do so. It shocked me and seemed strange to accept. I should be thanking them, which I did many, many times. And then I realized that many of them probably don't give a second thought to what they do - not in a self-righteous sense, at least. They are proud - proud for their country and for what it means to be an American - but not proud that they are heroes. I doubt many of them even consider themselves in that stature. It is just their job.

I'm thankful my job brought me there today. In the beginning, I was excited to see inside the gates of something I've only ever imagined before. In the end, the rolling green grass and protected community was not near as beautiful as the men and women in uniform proudly serving. It reminded me to pray a little longer tonight for them - and for their give thanks for the many freedoms we are given every day, with the comforting knowledge that I could say that prayer as quietly or loudly as I wanted.


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