Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday....

I'm a big fan of traditions. I think those rituals are what memories are made of. Sometimes my family makes fun of some of my quirky customs, and some they've grown to love.

Usually when you think of traditions it might be something passed down through the generations and normally surrounds a holiday. I like everyday practices too though. They are comfortable, expected, and brings a sense of anticipation leading up to them.

Tonight is one of our new traditions, and one I'm personally a big fan of.....Wing Wednesday. Now, when you read that two word phrase you have to say it with enthusiasm and with kind of a manly sports announcer voice. (Try it again, just for fun.) The words just roll off the tongue and immediately perk the taste buds.

We love wings in our house but I'm not thrilled with the price tag that generally follows them. They are just tiny bits of meat on little chicken bones....why so pricey, I ask?! The great thing about Wing Wednesday is that those precious little spicy appendages are only .50 cents each. And even better, they are delivered right to my door.

One of the most exciting parts of "Wing Wednesday!" (don't forget the voice) this week is that also coincides with the Survivor premiere...and the Big Brother finale. What a way to make a sick girl happy. Mama don't have to cook, she can kick up her feet, please her palate, and tune into some good TV. That my friends, is a great night. Yep, it doesn't take much to make me happy!


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