Sunday, September 26, 2010

Simple Sundays

What a beautiful Sunday!  With no obligations or schedules to keep, we were able to make it a very lazy day.  We spent the morning in our pjs with coffee and donuts on the deck watching the world wake up.  You could feel and smell fall in the air and I had to retrieve a blanket to enjoy the sunrise.

After lunch, a nap.  I love Sunday afternoon naps.  Actually, I'm a fan of a nap any day of the week.  It's always amused me how when you are little you fight not to nap, yet as an adult you long for them.  There's just nothing better than snuggling with my hubby on a chilly afternoon.

I'd been happy staying home the rest of the day but Tim wanted to get out and enjoy it a bit.  When fall arrives I think of soup and pumpkins and days cuddled on the couch with a good book.  Tim thinks of hunting.  He wanted to check the deer at his hunting spot, up on my mom's farm, and let Noah do some target practice.  So, we loaded up in the truck and headed out in the country.

I got to sit on the porch and spend a few hours with mom, watching the cows eat and the trees change.  Every now and then we'd hear a boom in the distance, a signal they were still in the woods.  Before too long, Noah pulled the truck up into the yard, grinning from ear to ear.  I'm not sure if he was happier because he got to drive down a dirt road or shoot a gun.  It's a boy thing.

Before we left, Noah wanted to take me for a ride on the 4-wheeler.  I eagerly jumped aboard.  Some people are nervous around them and I guess most would think I'd shy away after my motorcycle wreck but being on the farm is just different.  I feel safe there, especially with my special driver at the wheel.  As we rode, I noticed how big he has become.  To see, I'd have to lean to one side, as he's nearly as tall as me now.  His shoulders are so broad and holding on to him he didn't quite feel like my baby anymore.  He's growing up.

I got a little teary-eyed on the back during our drive.  If he'd caught me, I'd just blow it off and say it was the beauty of all we were surrounded with.  It was glorious.  The blue sky might have been a little gloomy but I could still feel the sunshine on my face.  As the wind whipped through my hair, I took in all the changing colors of the trees.  We'd rush through the grassy fields, blades swishing at our feet, in blends of brown and green.  Alongside us, mom's farm dog, Daisy, sped to keep up.  Her pink tongue flapping at her face with the crunch of fallen leaves at every pounce she took.  The world was a soft mix of fading summer pastels and a brilliant fall palette.

Arms around my sweet growing boy, taking in the beauty of the day, was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  It's a Sunday drive I won't soon forget. 


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