Thursday, September 9, 2010

Honey, I'm Home

Two favorite points in my day - when Noah comes home from school and Tim makes it in from work. Having them home, safe, and near me brings such a sense of comfort and peace. Neither event happens without a hug and a kiss and a smile I can feel from the inside out.

I know before the bus pulls in the subdivision, as Patch begins to pace. The closer the bus gets, the more he barks. By the time Noah's made it to the door, Patch is swirling, tail wagging, jumping and bouncing to get to him. His reaction is kind of what my heart feels when I know he's home again.

I say, "Hi Fred," on most days, followed by, "how was your day?" and this begins our routines of warm hugs, homework, papers, and a snack. We then settle into nightly chores and such and I begin cooking dinner as we wait for my second favorite moment.

The thing with Tim coming home is that I really never know when it will be. Between his job and being a firefighter, his timing is very unpredictable. I've become a master at drawing out dinner and keeping it warm. Sometimes we break down and eat without him but I love nothing better than to have us all gathered around a hot meal together.

Just as with Noah, Patch usually tells me Tim is home before he makes it to the door. Patch reacts a tad differently, but still excited, remaining in one spot and making Tim to come to him. He'll squat low as his short little legs will allow, rear stuck in the air, tail shaking and almost talk to Tim with his barking. They'll play a game of cat and mouse, until Noah or I break it up with hugs.

May seem like such a simple thing but those two moments bring me tremendous joy each day. It doesn't matter how difficult a day it has been, or how tired I am, being home at the end of the day with my family revives and sustains me. They fill up my personal love tank until it is overflowing and I'm ready to face another day.


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