Thursday, September 30, 2010

Precious Pumpkin Painting

You knew it was coming.  My love for pumpkins is obvious.  A few days ago I shared a photo of the cute little pumpkins we grew in our backyard this year.  Noah and I have been anxiously awaiting for October to near so we could paint and display them in the window boxes by the door.

Yesterday afternoon, when Noah announced he was homework free, I knew it would be the perfect day to bring in the pumpkins.  I spread newspaper across the table while Noah went out to gather our holiday gourds.  Craft bucket out, we were open for business.

Noah was ready to start stabbing, gutting, and carving until I shared with him that whatever masterpiece he created would be long gone before Halloween.  He sadly put down the knife and picked up the paint brush but was happy again within moments.  We shared giggles and stories over paint strokes and pumpkins for nearly two hours!

We were sticking with a theme of black and white, polka dots, and stripes.  At some point, Noah decided to make the color gray.  He had great fun swirling the two colors together and the different designs it would make.  I looked up as he began painting and he stopped. 

From my look, he assumed I didn't like his color choice and he immediately offered to paint over it.  It was the perfect opportunity for a life lesson.  (I actually loved the gray against the orange and would have never thought of the combination but they are among my favorite from our collection.) I told him though, that it didn't matter what I thought.  Painting is personal.  "If you like it, paint it," I told him.  I used the time to share with him that throughout life he'll have to make choices- do what you love, regardless of what others think - or you'll be living your life for someone else. 

I have to mix in a little humor with Noah for him to stay engaged in the conversation so I said... "Pick your paint and wear it proud!"  He laughed.  "Fly your paintbrush high!"  He smiled.  But I think he got the point.

It was such a cheerful afternoon, as I'm always happy with a paintbrush in hand.  My most joyful moments though came from the chance to mold and shape my own little pumpkin into the person he's meant to be. 

Teaching a child always helps me grow a little more too.  It reminded me not to expect life to be a paint-by-numbers kind of world but an open canvas full of brushstrokes, both in bright and dark colors, which in the end create a beautiful picture.  We just have to open ourselves to appreciate the art in every day.


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