Monday, September 27, 2010

Socks and Fried Pickles

Did that grab your attention?  Socks and pickles sound like a strange pairing, huh?  Well, it was two odd little things that brought me my daily dose of joy today. 

Mondays can get you down if you let them.  I don't know why but it doesn't matter what time you go to bed on Sunday night, you always seem to be extra tired on a Monday morning.  The alarm clock sang a little after 6 am and I sprung right out of bed.  I knew it was for the best.  If I let Tim hit snooze, it would just make it harder to pull myself out of the snugly warmth that surrounded me.  So, I took the plunge and jumped up and straight into the shower.

As I let Patch out for his am potty break, I noticed it was chilly.  Seemed like a great day to wear socks!  I wore socks for the first time this season over the weekend.  Tim actually laughed out loud when I walked by because I had on shorts, long sleeves and socks.  I don't care what it looks like - it is comfy!  I love socks and enjoy this time of year because it allows me to wear them nearly every day. 

My socks can be a little wild.  I think it is fun to have bold and crazy socks hidden under work pants and shoes.  It's kind of like the in the front, party in the back.  I can peek at my socks at any point, or just go through my day knowing that I have pink socks with hearts, skulls and crossbones on them.  They make me smile.  Actually, there's a purpose to their craziness.  They boys would always steal my socks when they couldn't find a pair for school.  Buying girly colors and designs guarantees I always have several pair to choose from!

Aside from their cuteness, they are comfortable.  My socks hug my feet in satisfying warmth.  I always slather on a good amount of lotion before putting on my socks too so it's like a mini pedicure all day long.  I can be a little random with my body temperature and somehow it is all controlled by my feet.  If my toes are warm, the rest of me is happy.  When I go to bed, I have to untuck the bottom sheet so that my feet can breath ,and thus, I won't have a hot flash in the middle of the night.  ....maybe I share too much on this blog!

Anyway, my cute little socks brought me happiness today and I am looking forward to a season full of sock-ness.  (It's a word if I write it!)  On the way home, I decided a tea was greatly needed and my stomach reminded me that a snack wouldn't be a bad idea either.  Lee's is on the way home for me so I swung in to order some amber liquid to quench my thirst.  I was happy to see they still have fried pickles, a guilty pleasure of mine, so I ordered a small snack size version to carry me through until dinner.

I love pickles and always have.  I think you either love them or hate them and there is no in between.  I adore them of all shapes, sizes and varieties.  I like bread & butter just as well as dill...enjoy spicy and zesty versions...and I will eat them sliced or whole.  Tim pokes fun of me when we go grocery shopping because I always buy a jar, even though there are four to five different types always in the frig.  I just figure a girl can never have too many jars of pickles!  Plus, you need a potpourri of flavors depending on what you're serving.  I like the zesty ones as a side dish with BBQ.  I like the sweet ones on a peanut butter sandwich.  (I see you wrinkling your nose...try it!)  And I like the dill slices on my hamburgers....or better yet, hamburger pizza.  You see, the possibilities are endless.  So, if you're ever at my house for dinner, don't be surprised by the entire pickle platter I may serve.


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