Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stupid Tax

We love to pick on each other in our family. Noah has become quite the pro at it and has the ability to strike, lovingly of course, with some snappy comebacks. What I love about him though is that he can take as much as he gives and will laugh at himself with the rest of them.

Yesterday we ran to Wal-Mart to pick up a last minute gift for my niece, Bryanna. It's uncharacteristic of me to wait until the last minute. Typically, I find deals throughout the year and put them in my gift box. This way, whenever we have a birthday party or other occasion that calls for a present, my shopping trip can be done from my closet.

I've fallen behind on my deal finding though and the result was buying everything in a rush and some at full price. We were in a rush because Noah had a ballgame to get to and I knew afterwards everyone was coming to our house for the party. (Our fenced in backyard has been deemed party central for any family activity these days!) Anyway, all this to say that Noah snuck a purchase in without me paying much attention, until the cashier announced the price that is.

I had mentally calculated the approximate cost in my head so when it was a higher than expected, I paused. The cashier said, "You're most expensive purchase was his toy." Noah smiled sheepishly, snatched up his purchase, and used the excuse of being late for his game to escape the questioning at the register. On the way to the truck I asked to see what he bought.

For well over a month, every time we've shopped Noah has taken off to find something called "Cuponk" but has always returned empty handed. We've joked about the name, and even more about what it actually was. It is basically just a cup and two ping pong balls and the goal is to bounce them in. Since he snuck in the purchase like he did, I had all rights to pick on him for the purchase.

Tim and I both laughed, saying we could have bought a whole package of Dixie cups and a bag of ping pong balls for half the price of what he spent. We also confirmed that he would be paying us back for the toy. (I'll spoil Noah now and again with things but for the most part he earns and pays for things he wants.) Since he didn't bring his money and would have to reimburse us, I joked that I was going to charge "stupid tax" for such a silly purchase.

He thought that phrase was pretty funny so I used it all night to poke fun at him. Every time he'd bring it out to show me a new move, I'd just shake my head and say, "stupid tax" under my breath. He'd laugh and go back to practice. Later, he came out of his room, wallet in hand, and handed me a $20 ($5 over the price). Without missing a beat, he said, "Use the extra to do something with your hair." That's my boy....

Who knew a pricey Dixie cup and two ping pong balls could bring us all such joy on a Saturday afternoon?


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