Tuesday, September 14, 2010


(Blame it on the meds...I apologize for my premature post earlier. It wasn't quite finished and I must've hit the wrong button!)

Pajamas. PJs. Immediately I'm comforted when hearing those words. There is nothing better than snuggling into a warm, soft, worn set of comfy jammies.

If I had my way, I'd live in PJs all the time. I enjoy nothing more than to spend the entire day in my pajamas. Of course, I'm not one of "those people" who actually go to Wal-Mart wearing eeyore bottoms and fuzzy slippers.....but I do love when I can lazily lounge around the house, having nowhere to be and spending the day in comfort.

Being sick this past week, I've had lots of time in my old sleeping suits. Some of my outfits are actual pajamas, matching sets and all. And some, my favorite really, are just worn oversize tshirts and shorts. As the weather turns cooler, I love it when I can pull out my flannel jammies...and best of all, holiday themed wear!

I remember getting to pick a nightgown from my Grandma's dresser each night I spent with her. I loved the colors, prints, tiny ribbons and floral designs to choose from. And best of all, each one smelled like her so I was wrapped in a Grandma hug all night long. I guess that comfortable memory has remained with me and is one of the reasons I love pajamas so much.

Because I think they're so wonderful, I try to pass on that cozy feeling and give PJs for gifts to all the kiddos in my life. My favorite two to buy for are my baby niece and nephew, Bryanna and Allen. I started their tradition on their first Christmas together and plan to continue it for years to come. Being little, the selection is even cuter, they match, and my favorite part - footies!

There's not much better of a feeling than to slip out of the chaos of the day, let your troubles hit the floor, and slip into the comforts of a pair of your best-loved jammies. Well, except maybe diving into a crisp and cool, freshly made bed! All this is waiting for me now....so, goodnight all!


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