Saturday, December 4, 2010

#1 Fan

Noah played an awesome game today!  I clapped so much that by the time the buzzer sounded, my hands were red and sore.  It was one of those nail biting games in the last quarter, and even though the opposing team squeaked out the winning basket, I was so proud of the way Noah played.

Our "Brickwall" had amazing defense, rebounding so many balls I lost count, along with blocks, knocks, and tips.  (Who knows what the correct terminology is, I just know he did great!)  Along with playing a tremendous defense, he scored nearly half of the overall game points.  With less than 2 minutes left in the game, his free point shot put us ahead.  The crowd roared but what brought a smile to my face was his expression.  He leaped in the air, chest bumped his teammate, high fived another, and roared a big, "YEAH!"  I love to see his excitement and pride on a job well done!

Of course all mommas think they're kid is the star player.  It's natural to root most for your child.  I certainly was a proud momma in the stands today, but even if he didn't score a point the whole game, I'd still be his #1 fan.  What I enjoyed most was watching his self confidence boost in having such a great game and seeing his continued improvement each time he plays.  I'm excited about this season and ready to yell for my favorite little, um...I mean big, player.  Gooooo #40!!


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