Friday, December 3, 2010

Sushi Love

I guess I've always been an adventurous eater and will just about try anything once. Sure, there's been some things along the way I've spit into a napkin but for the most part, I enjoy what I try. When I was younger I wanted to be a food critic or restaurant reviewer so I could try different foods for free. Now, my dream is to someday be a judge on Iron cool would that be!?

Some of my friends poke fun at me when we go out to eat, as they're always interested in what I'll order. Perhaps they like to live vicariously through a risk-taking, thrill-seeking soul. I have a rule that I usually don't order the same thing twice, especially if it's a place I don't eat at often. I like trying new things and could never be someone to order "the usual" at a diner. My mom jokes that I've exposed her to more culinary treats than she has me, even though I am the child. I say that's what the oldest is for, to boldly explore with no fear and bring back samplings from her excursions!

One of my favorite "exotic" treats is sushi. I label it exotic because to some people, they just can't imagine eating it. Immediately everyone goes to RAW FISH and runs the opposite direction. There are many yummy rolls however that contain nothing raw or are so small and mixed with other items you don't notice. Sashimi is always raw and is just slivers of seafood uncooked, which I think is what grosses most people out. I've tried many varieties of both but I prefer the sushi. Spicy tuna rolls = Favorite!!

I love sushi but don't get to eat it often because it isn't something a lot of people will go with you to eat. I do have a few mom and Noah. It took Mom awhile and I think it became an acquired taste but now she loves it too. In fact, when she quit smoking for good a few years ago, I treated her to a huge sushi boat as an "I'm so proud of you" surprise.

I've raised Noah to always try something once, hoping he wouldn't become like his picky 'meat & potatoes-macaroni is a vegetable' dad! He loves seafood and rice so it was an easy sell. We did have a brief kink about two years ago when Noah asked what the orange sprinkles were on his roll. It was like a bad slow motion movie moment as I mouthed, "Nooooooo" to the waitress a second too late when she spurted out two words. Fish eggs. Noah's face turned green and I could visually see his stomach flip. He pushed his plate back and was dramatic the entire ride home, fearing the worst as baby fish were potentially hatching in his belly. It's taken awhile to get him back into the sushi world but I think, fingers crossed, he's returned.

Today, my mom and I both had doctor appointments so we were able to have lunch together.  And if given a choice, sushi is what we're picking!  I began piling my plate today with several varieties, all of which Mom wanted to know what was what, and I didn't have a clue to give her an answer.  Didn't seem like it slowed her down too much though, since her plate was fuller than mine in the end!  Aside from the yummy sushi, it was nice to have lunch and spend time with her.  All in all, a day with sushi and my mom is a good one! 


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