Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mom & Noah days

I did a search of my blog to see if I've already written about this topic, and to my surprise I haven't.  Since I started this blog in July, I thought that I would've captured one our of days before now.  And yet, maybe it's been that long since we've been out for a full-on day.

The idea is simple and we've done days like this since he was born.  Whether it is a day out with Tim or me, he has our undivided attention and gets to fully pick the itinerary.  We've been counting down the days to Christmas break, knowing at least one day would provide such a treat.

For the past several weeks anytime I've asked him what he wants for supper, his reply is sushi.  Since we live in a small town, good sushi is nearly an hour away.  I promised him on our "Mom & Noah day" we would do just that.

He also wanted to finish his Christmas shopping for Dad and wasn't quite sure what else the day would hold.  We were lucky to find just what we wanted for Tim at one store so we didn't need to fight the crowds at the mall (mini JOY!).  With the extra time after lunch, I suggested going to a movie. 

I love going to the movies but I'm not a fan of the price tag that goes with it so it is somewhat of a special occasion when we go.  Having only two choices with our arrival time, we opted for Tangled.  It was a sweet movie and met both our needs, having the sappy love story and the funny action that we both required. 

Our entire day together was pure joy for me, as anytime I'm with my special guy my heart is filled to capacity.  The absolute best moment though wasn't scheduled or even expected and that's what makes it so wonderful.  Midway through the movie I got chilled and reversed my jacket so I could use it as a blanket.  Noah shared a sleeve and snuggled into me, put my arm around him, and whispered, "Love you, Mom."  It's a good thing the movie had some tearful scenes as I had a good excuse for my wet eyes when it ended.  I hope those moments never end.  Maybe someday he'll outgrow wanting to snuggle with Mom.  To plan for that, I'm soaking up and loving each and every kiss, hug, and whisper, and storing them away in my heart.


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