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2010: Year in Review

Tim, Noah, and I plan on a very calm night home with each other to ring in the new year.  The most excitement will probably come from whoever wins at dominoes and making bets on whether Tim can hold out for the ball to drop.  ...And I couldn't be more pleased with those plans!  There comes a point in your life when you realize parties are overrated and the best possible place you can be to ring in the new year is home with your family.

As this year fades by the hour, I thought I'd stroll down memory lane and recap the highlights and special moments of Twenty-Ten.  Well, at least the first half, since I didn't begin this blog until July...

January...New Year
     Tim was elected Chief of Beaver Dam Fire Department.  Although he's been a firefighter for 25 years and held many offices in various departments, I think this was a milestone for him.  I know he wished his Jr Fireman was there by his side to see it but I imagine that is why he works as hard at this job as he does, knowing Austin is looking down on him proudly.
     Noah reached double digits this year, turning 10 on the 19th.  He summed it up best with a, "You really wouldn't think one year would make a difference but it really does!  I'm in the double digits now, Mom. That makes me so much older!"

     Noah got his first taste of snow cream. I don't think he's ever had it, unless he was a toddler and too young to remember.  When I called him in to help, he said, "You are making that with SNOW? Are you crazy?!"   I explained, this is something Mom & Dad had quite a bit when we were kids.  He then says, "What if somebody peed in it" (someBODY - not someTHING) I chuckled to my self, wondering if he imagined random people peeing in our yard.
     We surprised Noah with his first trip to Patty's for Valentine's Day.  As many trips as Tim and I have made there, experiencing his first visit was the absolute best. 
     Noah also attended his first dance at school.  Leading up to it, I asked if what he planned to wear and if we needed to buy an outfit.  He looked at me like I had three heads and said, "Mom, it's just a school dance....not the Jr Prom!"
    2010 was Noah's first school basketball season and he did an amazing job.  Each game we watched him grow and become an even better player.  He also picked up his first nickname.... Brickwall Blair!

March Moments...
     I'm so happy I capture funny moments we have with Noah.  Helpful for this blog...but most of all it will be great to look back on when he's grown with kids of his own.  Here are two funny stories from March:

Noah and I went to see Percy Jackson last night. I love taking him on little "mini dates" with me for some one one one time. He is growing so fast and I feel like these dates help me continually connect with his ever-changing self!  As usual, he was a hoot to hang with. When we walked in, he took charge of ordering our tickets, popcorn, cokes, etc. We got there early so we had first pick of the seats and settled in our own personal row.  Noah decided our popcorn needed a little more salt so he went back out into the lobby before the show began. Suddenly, he came running back in, popcorn spewing out the bucket and leaving a messy trail behind him.   "Mom, Mom! The so-and-so brothers are out there!" he shouted.  I stared blankly, not really knowing who that was or why it was exciting.  "The so-and-so brothers! You know, from wrestling!!" he stated, rolling his eyes and not impressed that I didn't know them personally.   So I asked him if he talked to them or got their autograph anything, since they were so totally cool and right in the next room.  He scoffed and said, "No...they are normal people, Mom, with lives outside of wrestling. They just want to see the movie in peace."  ....well, put me in my place! :)

Not to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it but there is a somewhat emotional scene near the end where the long lost father gets to see his son face to face and talk to him for the first time. I have goosebumps and am internally thinking, "Awwww."  Noah leans into me and says, "I would SO be asking him right now how he turns into water and not wasting time with this stuff!"  ...that's my boy!

April...Spring Fling?!
     Well, I know I'm his mom and so I find everything he says funny but this story just had to be shared again as well.

     So, Noah is about to go to bed the other night and leans in to give me a kiss and hug.  He says, "How do you get your breath really fresh?"   I smile and say, "Why, do I smell good?"  He says, "No." ....(so much for my self-esteem!)  Then he says, "What is the deal with mouthwash? What does it do"   I'm chuckling at this point, "Why, got a girl you want to kiss?"  He ignores me and goes on to ask questions, "What is better a mint or mouthwash?" and we discuss dental hygiene for a bit.  I ask again, "Do you have a girlfriend or something I need to know about?"  He smiles and says matter-of-factly, "Nope, but I figure it is about time to go out and get one."  At this point, I'm all but rolling in the floor with laughter but trying to remain composed so he'll continue to talk to me.  I say, "So, do you have someone in mind. Got a girl in your scope?"  Without missing a beat he says, "Mom, like all good hunters, I've picked out the best deer."  Now I can't hold it in anymore. I'm laughing and I kiss him good-night.  The next afternoon I ask him how did hunting went.  "No good he said. Didn't have the ammo," pausing, he sighs and says, "Which basically means, I didn't have the guts, Mom." 

     Exactly a year and a half since Austin's passing, we formed the Austin's Legacy Scholarship Fund and fully funded the first scholarship.  Our first fundraiser was an amazing success and with each person who attended, it was like a heaven-sent hug to my soul.  By the end of the tournament we had raised $1200.  The donations raised allow us to fund a project that will not only remember Austin but impact the life of another deserving child. And that is everything Austin was about - helping others and lifting them up.  Throughout the course of 2010, we ended up funding three scholarships.  The first to be given May 2011.

     One of the blessings of marrying Tim was gaining another mother in June.  We shared many things in common, including a love for Tim and our for our family...watching HGTV....and our birthdays one day apart, although they are in January.  I always wondered how she got the name "June" when she was born in January.  Never did I imagine we'd lose her the month of her namesake.  June's passing was a bit of a surprise and painful for us to watch, as cancer attacked and defeated her so quickly.  We did have the blessing of spending those last few days and moments with her though and words said during those quiet times in her room will forever be treasured in my heart.  We miss her but a comfort for us was in knowing her sweet grandbaby was waiting at Heaven's gates to greet her.  It helps to know that Austin has his Mamaw June by his side and we await the day we're all reunited.
July...Summer Fun
Summer always seems to fly by but this year it really was shortened, due to the school calendar. The kids were out for exactly two months, which in the summertime, is about a blink of your eye. I've tried to make the most of it though and create some special memories for Noah...

Mega VBS week - attending both a day & nighttime bible school in the same week
Movies...Movies...Movies! ...and don't forget the popcorn (extra butter for Noah)!
....Our favorite by far was Despicable Me!
First camp away from home...Trooper Island
Hot Potato Salad.....Homemade Ice Cream.....S'Mores......Hot dogs....oh, and popcorn!
4H camp with Tina
River fun = Boat riding....Fishing...Tubing
Work with Mom day
Impromptu Zoo trip with Mamaw
Lightning Bugs....Honeysuckle......Cloud pictures....Star Gazing

And that brings us full circle to the beginning of this blog.  Hard to believe I've been posting for six months.  I'll save the space and instead of recapping what I've already written about, I'll leave it open for you to browse.  If you didn't start reading from the beginning, here's your opportunity.  Each month is captured on the right for your reading pleasure. 

Thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again in 2011!


charla said...

I found your post on BlogHer. So glad to have found you. Thanks for allowing God to be glorified through your story.

Heather said...

Thank you for visiting! ...and thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I had to read back through this post myself. :)
Please stopy by again!

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