Friday, December 17, 2010

The good ole' days...

Whenever I catch an old sitcom from my childhood, I'm filled with memories and excitement.  It takes me back to the age I was when I watched the show and happy moments from that time.  My excitement comes from sharing the show and experience with Noah.  I love exposing him to my past but most of all I'm grateful to find quality, family friendly shows that I can trust to watch with him.

These days, it seems nearly impossible to find a sitcom, movie, or even cartoon that doesn't make me cringe.  I so want to protect his innocence and childhood and am really not ready for him to influenced by the sex, violence and language that most shows contain.  If it was on tv when I was a kid though, it's usually safe and contains some type of positive message or moral.  (Why did that have to change?!)

Two years ago, we introduced him to Little House.  This was my absolute favorite show as a child and I'd often imagine what life would've been like in Laura's days.  We rented every season from Netflix and spent most of that winter watching and sharing those wonderful life lessons.  Last year, Tim suggested Ernest one night as I was filling my queue.  One movie and Noah was hooked!  We've since re-watched every Ernest-movie ever made.  Tonight, I'm watching a movie with Neil Patrick Harris and I remembered Doogie Howser.  I knew it would be a show Noah would love but was sad to see it wasn't available instantly on Netflix.  One quick search on my tv though surprisingly found it airs frequently so I recorded the series.  This Christmas break will be the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and share some laughs with my special guy.

What were your favorite childhood shows?


Anonymous said...

You also LOVED The Dukes of Hazzard!! I always liked for you kids to watch The Waltons. Of course Ravens favorite was Full House and Dinosaurs. Wendy loved the Get Along Gang cartoon!

It is a shame what TV and movies have become. Once upon a time actors were actually good role models, not anymore!

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