Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joy for Others

Sometimes you don't need your own joy but are content with seeing the happiness of others, for as they say,  "Joy delights in joy".  Today that was the case for me, as many small but wonderfully joyful moments filled my day. 

I heard the good news that a sweet couple, who've suffered multiple child losses, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  She was due on Christmas day but I still say she's a holiday miracle.  I'm not even very close with the couple, just know them through a dear friend.  With child loss though you have a instant connection with anyone else who's walked the painful journey and so I wish them nothing but a happy, healthy and blessed life with this new arrival.

Noah was joyful this morning in getting to go to school and see his friends and teachers for maybe the last time in 2010, should the weather forecast hold true.  He was also excited that their angel shopping trip would still carry on and I delivered him to Wal-Mart in time to help.  It was wonderful to see a group of kiddos eager and anxious to shop for children in need.  The kids broke into groups with mini lists and I got some last minute presents I needed while waiting.

As I was leaving the store, I noticed a sweet man who's been in my prayers for the past several weeks.  He was in a motorcycle accident and suffered multiple injuries.  I remember how much his prayers meant to me, just five years ago, when he was among the first to arrive at my side in the ER.  Throughout my recovery, his visits and prayers always seemed to arrive at just the time I needed them most.  It was wonderful to see him out and about and in such good spirits - not that I'd expect any less from such a remarkable man!

By the time I arrived home, I realized I was grinning inside and out, so filled with happiness for others.  After all, that's what true joy is all about isn't it?  "A joy a joy doubled"


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