Sunday, December 5, 2010

The best little coffee shop in town...part 2

As the warmer weather slowly fades into cooler days, mornings enjoyed on the deck become fewer and fewer.  When the snowflakes begin to greet me from my kitchen window as I start the coffee, it's evident that our private alfresco dining spot Tim and I love so much is closed for the season.  Luckily, we have another lovely choice just a few steps away. 

With the coffee perking and our new favorite breakfast (a poppy seed sausage roll) browning in the oven, I worked at opening our intimate little B&B for business.  We're pretty literal on the B&B part, and as I brought Tim in a steaming cup to his bedside, he smiled knowingly.  He sat up, began to fluff the pillows, and found our recorded "Positively GAC," while I brought in the breakfast treats and thermos.

Snuggled in bed next to my sweetheart, with a warm breakfast and inspirational videos on the tv, is about the best way I know to start a snowy weekend morning.  Two hands looped together, with the free hand holding a coffee cup, we slowly sip ourselves awake. 

It's so nice to just be lazy for those first few moments of the day.  We catch up on each other's past week and plans for the week ahead.  I cry over the next video and make him refill my cup so he doesn't see me wipe the tears away.  And, we finally give in to the begging dog who's been circling our bed with a wagging tail, as we finish up our last bites of breakfast.  It's the best little coffee shop in town...and the best part is, I can show up in my pjs!


Tracy said...

ok, i need to know what a poppy-seed sausage roll is. Did you make it? Buy it? YUM!!!

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