Wednesday, December 22, 2010

joy in memories

I find comfort in pictures.  They are snapshots in time that capture moments and memories of our past.  When loved ones are gone, those photos are all that remains.  They tell a story and share the life of those we've lost.  I treasure each photograph of Austin and am thankful that I took so many photos throughout the fourteen years he blessed us by being here. 

Last year, the only way I knew how to count down the days leading up to Christmas, was to celebrate each year we had with him through photos and memories.  This slideshow shows him from his first Christmas at only six months, to our last day with him, in which he helped decorate our home for the holidays.  Even though tears fall each time I see it, I'm thankful for those photos as they allow me remember each special year.

I also wrote an entry every day on his blog leading up to Christmas, which shared thoughts and memories of each year with him.  Having such a love for a writing has been a blessing to me because I always kept journals and filled his baby book with moments and milestones.  From our 1st Christmas, to the 5th Christmas, to our last full holiday  with him in 2007, I'm so grateful to have this collection now so that even when I'm not here to share his story, he will live on.  

As hard as it was to relive each memory of Austin's life, his blog is so special to me now.  I can go on and search any topic, any date, and relive the moment all over again.  And, I know that Noah and other family members will have this collection of memories that tell Austin's Story for generations to come.


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