Monday, December 6, 2010

Caught in the Act

This little morsel of joy happened a few days ago but it's kept me smiling each time I recall it.  The other night, we walked in cold and hungry and I had neglected to plan ahead for dinner.  Tim suggested pizza and just as I placed the order online, he got called to a fire. I wrote out the check, went to change into my pjs and left the "man of the house" in charge. 

Still not able to warm up from the parade, I cranked up the fire and bundled up under a blanket and into my favorite seat.  The love seat has the best view in the living room, as it faces the fireplace and is right next to the Christmas tree.  I have the luxury of choosing which flickering light to get lost in...or both if I want.  The only thing I can't see from this spot is the front door, as our plump tree blocks my view.

Patch notified us of the pizza guy's arrival before the knock and Noah headed to the door with check in hand.  Now keep in mind I can't see any of the next scene, but only hear it through the pauses in Patch's incessant barking.  At some point Patch must've decided he needed to get up close and personal with the delivery man and bounced outside.  I heard Noah say, "Just a minute, please"...followed by a, "get in the kennel, you know better" and then the part that made me smile..."Sir, I'm sorry about that.  Now where were we?" 

After hearing the total, Noah hands him the check and says, "Keep the change, sir...and you have a great night."  I think it even took the pizza guy by surprise, to see a kid his age so polite and grown up.  He commented back a thank you and the same to him as he handed Noah our steamy, cheesy pies.

I didn't know whether to smile or cry, or do a mixture of both as he walked back into the room.  Almost 11, going on 20, I couldn't quite believe how much he is growing and changing.  Aside from being so mature through the pizza process, what impressed me most (and made me proud) was how polite he was.  You teach your children manners but you always wonder if they listen, and better yet, if they live out what you taught.  While I was in the same room, I was hidden and I honestly don't believe my presence had anything to do with his behavior.  It was sincere and real.  That's just my little man.

Tonight, he just added to the list of maturity milestones by offering to cook dinner.  When I told him what I'd planned, I expected him to go running, as he'd never made it before or even helped me.  Instead, he nodded and smiled with self assurance and set to following the recipe.  He carried out his chef role all the way to the end, even having me go sit down so he could serve me.  (Tim was again at another fire)  The two of us enjoyed a great meal (another proud moment) and some quality Mom & Noah time.  And, when Dad showed up a few hours later he was both shocked and pleasantly surprised with the chef's selection.  We can't wait to see what's on the menu next!


Alida said...

how sweet! What a great little man you have there :-)

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