Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown to Vacation

Working for a non-profit will certainly never get me on the Forbes list but for most anyone who works for an organization such as ACS, we don't do it for the money.  The main reason I came here and why I continue to work here is because I believe in the mission.  There is no better feeling than to know the work you are doing is making a difference in the lives of others.  Each month, when I see the report of the number of patients we are helping, I'm filled with a sense of pride, appreciation and gratitude for my volunteers, and increased passion to do even better.

Another perk of working for a non-profit is that the time off is usually great.  Vacation days are cheaper than raises and bonuses; and the longer you work for an organization, the more days you normally get.  I'm blessed to be provided several days off throughout the year to spend time with my family and recharge my batteries.  The biggest of chunk of time I get to take is in the month of December.  Fortunately, my vacation time matches Noah's Christmas break.  This means I have 16 entire days off and won't see my office until 2011!

The extra time off allows me to slow down and focus on what's most important.  I get to sleep in, stay up late, and spend every morsel of my time with family and friends.  Noah and I get extensive "mom & Noah" days, as Tim's vacation schedule is not quite as good.  We plan to eat sushi, go to the movies, play board games, make cookies, snuggle...and anything else he wants to do!  We'll catch up on the dozens of Christmas movies we've DVRd, read books, color, and do crafts.  Hopefully along the break we'll play in a few snowflakes.  Of course family visits will be mingled in the two weeks as well, for both Christmas and other get-togethers. 

Tim is able to take a couple days off during the break and as of now we don't have concrete plans.  It'll be spontaneous, holiday-themed, and family-filled whatever the activity.  We'll finish out 2010 together with happy wishes and hopes for a new year.  While at work tomorrow, I'll be checking off each to-do with a smile and counting down to vacation time.  We'll have a busy weekend of ballgames, office parties, fire department dinners and ending Sunday with Christmas at Grandma's.  I can hardly wait for the moments and memories I know we will make!


Tracy said...

Have fun friend. I know you'll treasure each and every moment.

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