Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Sweetie

Ok, maybe I brag on Noah all the time, and I'm biased, but seriously, he is the sweetest little guy I know!  He started off this morning a sweetheart and it has carried through the entire day.  He's definitely been my mega-dose of joy today!

I let Noah stay up late last night, being that he had another snow day today.  I'm not sure when he went to bed exactly but I'm guessing around midnight.  This morning, Tim and I slept in a little since Noah didn't need to get up for school.  Shortly before the alarm went off, we had a soft knock at our doorway greeting us good morning.  He peeked his head in and whispered that coffee was perking and would be ready for us when we got up. 

It was such a kind gesture I decided to make breakfast, complete with a few slices of country ham (thanks, Mom!), biscuits, and cheesy eggs.  By the time I had it ready, Noah was nodding off on the couch but he ate with us and saw his dad off to work.  A few minutes later, he was snoring away and curled up under a blanket.  I just had to bend down and kiss his sweet and growing face.

When he woke up a few hours later, he mentioned again how worried he was about the angels his class had adopted.  Today was supposed to have been their shopping day and he'd been looking forward to it for over a week.  It impressed me and touched my heart that he would spend the past two snow days concerned about other kids, instead of lazily wasting away the hours off from school.  He mentioned it so many times that I messaged his teacher, letting her know that if there was anything we could do to help to count us in.

On my lunch hour, we ventured out to brave Wal-Mart and pick up some necessary supplies, should the "Ice Storm of 2010" hit.  While there, we also bought ingredients for our annual cookie baking extravaganza.  Next week officially starts break for both of us and I want to be stocked up and ready to cook. 

Of course we had to do a sampling tonight and are making peanut butter cookies, fudge, and chex mix. As we were mixing up a batch of cookies, I realized again how big he is getting.  I think he grows just about every minute.  I remember when he was barely big enough to see into the mixing bowl and had to use a chair to reach the counter.  Now, he's maneuvering through the kitchen like a young chef.  He caught me watching him tonight and smiled with that shy little grin he has.  And then he said, "I love this, Mom.  This is what Christmas is all about...being together and making memories."  Is it possible to love him anymore than I already do?  Somehow he makes that love grow every day!


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