Saturday, December 11, 2010

Little Bundles of JOY

I apologize for not posting yesterday but sometimes your day is so busy and joy-filled, there just isn't a moment to record it.  Another reason, and the subject of my post today, is it's nearly impossible to have free time to type when you have two toddlers in the house!

We had the pleasure of keeping my baby sister's little boy and girl last night, and nearly twenty four hours later, I'm just now able to put my feet up.  Bryanna and Allen will keep you running but it's good for the soul to run around with toddlers in the house.  By the end you're exhausted and you wonder how you ever managed raising little ones but it's a happy kind of tired.

I always love having them over; however, it was especially fun this trip because of all the Christmas decorations.  I'd almost forgotten the magic that a set of twinkling lights or a glowing snowman can create.  With each display I'd plug in, their little feet would be pattering behind me, followed by a gasp or a squeal by what they saw.  And although they are only two and three, they were amazingly well-behaved around all the decorations.  Little Allen would stand below the giant tree towering above him and gaze into it.  If he caught me watching him he'd quickly say, "My no touch, my NO touch" as if he had to reassure me what he was doing was ok.

I also enjoy spoiling them - after all isn't that what Aunts are for?  Not even arriving home from the ballgame until nearly 8, I knew they wouldn't make their bedtime.  We pulled on our jammies, turned on Charlie Brown, and had nuggets and fries on a blanket by the fire.  Several giggles, chases around the couch by Noah, and hugs and kisses later, we settled into bed.  This morning, Bry was first to awake and Allen shortly followed but both rose earlier than my guys wanted on a Saturday morning.  So, we tiptoed into the kitchen for some milk...and cookies for breakfast.  (Well, actually it was more of a snack, as once everyone was awake I did make some cheesy scrambled eggs!)

We spent the next few hours playing, running, tickling, and laughing.  We sang Christmas carols and cartoon theme songs, as the next show would come on the tv.  Uncle Tim gave them a treat with a visit to the station, complete with a ride in the firetruck.  And then home for more playing, chasing, giggling, and cartoons.  Popcorn on the floor.  Baby snuggles.  The sweet smell of their hair.  How soft and chubby their tiny toes are.  Many, many hugs and kisses...and a few tears along the way.  Oh, what a visit!


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