Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 6: Blind Date

My schedule changes daily.  Being the planning, organized gal that I am, one might think this career would drive me crazy.  But I like the surprise and flexibility of every day.  Most of the time.

Sure, sometimes a cancellation, especially last minute, can throw things off a bit but usually everything works out.  I try to face each day with the "when one door closes, a window opens" philosophy.

I do normally have a general idea of my day's agenda each morning and when my estimated end time will be.  Today, an opening saw me traveling to Henderson, not a normal area for me.  When I realized how close I'd be to where hubby is working, I decided to surprise him with a quick visit.

I found myself filled with joy all day at the thought of sneaking off to see him.

Arriving at close to the time he should be waking, I hoped to make it up to his room while he was still was groggy.  Surprising him in a sleepy stupor was part of the fun!

I knocked and waited.  No response.

I knocked again and contemplated saying, "Housekeeping" but being that he kept a privacy tag on his door, I feared that might make him cover his head with a pillow and continue sleeping.

Just as I was about to text him, the door cracked open.

Though still half asleep, his face lit up and in a mumbled, broken but excited voice, he said,

"What are you doing here?  Did you drive all this way to see me?"

My stay was short but sweet, getting there just in time to join him for dinner.  The longer drive home for me meant I had to watch my clock to ensure I made it home to pick up our boy from work.  This rainy night was not one I wanted him to walking home alone!

But it was well worth the extra miles just to spend a couple hours together.

Third shift transition the past six months has been difficult in and of itself, having slept together more than half my life.  Adding distance and several nights away is also something this couple isn't used to.  We've been blessed to not have to be apart too often in our 23 years of marriage.

Small surprises help keep the spark alive.  This was one date that brought us both joy and one we'll remember for some time.  I can still picture him smiling and shaking his head in happy disbelief as I drove away.


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