Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 19: Pokestops and Pizza

I'm currently at a random location typing tonight's post from a back alley, awaiting my son returning from a Pokestop. In case you're not aware, it is an app involving a virtual reality game about Pokemon.

I like to think of myself as current and "in the know," not just because I have a teenage son; but truly, I wouldn't care at all were it not for him. 

With a teen boy, you have to make an effort to stay abreast of mainstream news, even if it makes no sense. Create a virtual Pac-man game though, where I can run around as a big yellow pie chart to eat ghosts and I'm there!

Even though I really, really need to get home and relieve my 40-year-old bladder, our evening stops searching for cartoon creatures have been joyful because it's quality time with my son. 

My other joy, and the reason I need to deposit a big gulp of tea currently flooding my kidneys, is the pizza-popcorn-movie Lifegroup we left right before. 

I've written about our Lifegroup many times and what a blessing they've been to our family. Tonight's was unique, in that we opted to attend our church's movie night (God's Not Dead 2) but bring pizza and prayer to make it a full meeting. And that we didn't have everyone in attendance, which surprisingly we usually do. 

As always, gathering in fellowship with friends we now consider family is a monthly source of joy. 

It could be because of the many laughs we share -and boy do we chuckle every single time. But instead it is the friendship and knowing others are holding you in prayer. Even those who couldn't be there sent texts of concern and need. 

As we huddled together, hands linked, I lifted up thanks to God for bringing this hodgepodge of people together. 

And maybe I should send a group text asking for prayers of traveling mercies...because if this Pikachu doesn't appear soon were gonna need another ark!


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