Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 4: Hotel Holiday

This has been the most unusual, diverse 4th of July of my life, I believe. 

Unlike our typical holiday, spent on the lake or the deck grilling with family, this one has been spent exploring a nearby city on a very rainy day. 

We awoke earlier and later than expected. 

Tim scared me coming home from work a few hours early. He figured his overtime could wait when we weren't around. Noah and I were in a fog, having retired late, due to our vacation tradition of midnight waffles. 

We were shocked to find no Waffle House with ink 75 miles so we chose the next best thing...IHOP. 

Little did i know "international" would be the theme and highlight of the rest of our Independence Day. 

Due to our late hour and Tims odd arrival time, I expected we'd just skip breakfast. Especially since tim snuggled right in the middle of us and we continued napping.  But the boys woke just in time for the spread left at the hotel buffet. 

We returned to the room to nap again. But we soon decided tim would get better sleep if We Left to explore. 

Spent some of the day shopping & at Starbucks. 

We found a big and tall store and realized our giant really isn't big or tall, at least not willing to admit it for those prices. I did tuck the address away for shoe shopping in the future though, as size 15 isn't easy to find. 

Ever my frugal guy, he was excited the s'mores frappicino was on special as were some funky socks. And we found a new store we loved. 

I went there on the hunt for something to hang on a large blank area of the house. No luck there but did find good deals on clothes for the guys. School shopping is
Just around the corner so I figured I'd get a jump while there. 

Yesterday, as we were coming out of the theatre, Noah spotted an international market and commented he'd love to go so that was definitely on the agenda today. 

As soon as we walked in he was in chef heaven. 

"I'm in love with this place!"

"Mom, they have dragonfruit!  And sea urchin!  And fish sauce! And..."

about 150 things I can't spell! 

He went down literally every single aisle and would inch one step at a time, so as not to miss one culinary delight. Basket full at our last aisle, we began to smell food. 

Connected to the store was a restaurant offering homemade noodles, dumplings and more. We'd found our lunch spot!

He sat where he could watch the cute man toss and mix and stir in woks and pots. We ordered everything so we could share and included a dish we've always wanted to try. Bibimbap. 

Everything was amazing. Noah was on top of the world and thanked me more times than I can count for the day.  Joy on top of joy. 

We returned in time to sneak in one last nap with dad. 

I'd say it was a pretty memorable 4th. 

*if you're so inclined, please say a prayer for my grandma. She fell yesterday morning and has been admitted to the hospital with a fracture in her back. Please pray for quick healing and little pain. 


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