Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 13: Summer Mornings

Noah and I realized we're just about a month away from the beginning of school.  And while he is counting down the days, excited to be a Junior, see his friends and teachers, and get back into routine; I'm digging in my heels just a bit.

My summer mornings are a joy, when I take the effort to get up and savor the me time.  But also a joy on the rare occasion I can sleep in a bit, due to my flexing schedule.

On a morning I can linger, I love to nestle into my chair with a steaming cup of coffee and wake up slowly with the world.  The only slow of school days is the time it takes to get my son stirring.  He is such a heavy sleeper and not a morning person.

A few years ago when we replaced our windows, the installers were in disbelief that he slept through the noise.  They were even in his room!  It was a running joke with the workers that if his bed had been small enough, they would've set it outside so he could wake up under the trees.

In the summer, I have nobody but myself to get ready so I can take my time and there is no need to yell out the clock status every 10 minutes.  Although admittedly, sometimes I do need an internal push to move on to the next station.

Most mornings I'll also toss together a smoothie, something new for me as for years I never felt there was time for breakfast.  This is a quick, easy and healthy way for me to start my day with a belly full of nutrition.  If there's time, I'll catch some Good Morning America, about the only news show I enjoy because they seem to focus more on the positive than negative.

And I'll end with a devotion in my car.

Might seem a weird place to do so but there's a few reasons I have this habit.  Currently I'm doing a devotion workbook that asks for a pause at morning, noon and night to read, reflect and write.  I find it easier to stay consistent if it is in my car.  After almost 20 years of commuting and now in a position with lots of windshield time, some of my best talks and worship moments with God come in the car.

So if you see a woman passionately singing, crying, or deep in thought and not waving back, that would be why!

Are you a morning person?  What's your favorite way to start the day?


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