Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 12: Popcorn for Dinner

One of my very first posts was about our hometown movie theater.  Specifically, the RC matinee and childhood memories of going there with my mom.

Tonight wasn't an RC matinee but it was a steal, as the 5:00 show is only $3.  And thanks to new owners, they have current, new release movies the actual weekend they premiere, complete with a booming surround sound.  There's still work to be done to fully upgrade but it truly is the best of both worlds.

The only semi-sad part is we can really no longer call it "Sticky Floors" as your feet don't magnetically connect due to decades of spilled pop and sugar babies glued to your shoes.  At least publicly anyway.  In our house, it'll always be Sticky Floors.

It is a rarity that our working teen has a night off, so our matinees normally have to wait for Sunday afternoons.  Being that they've had sold out shows of "The Secret Life of Pets" all weekend, we were fortunate to get there early on Tuesday night to scope out good seats.

It's a running joke in our family that we almost always get seated near someone funny.  Either they'll have an odd laugh, or they'll comment through the show, or they snort a lot.  Many of our movie stories include more of the person near us than the actual movie.  

Tonight we definitely had funny but in the truest sense.

Knowing they would be packed, we got there 30 minutes early.  Claustrophobia, a bum knee, and old rickety seats mean I need choices.  And being there almost as they unlocked the doors allowed for full reign.  We nestled into a sweet spot near the back with plenty of leg room, near what seemed a quiet family.

Within moments the little boy turned and started chatting it up with Noah, then Tim and me.  His sister kept leaning over their Grandma loudly whispering, "Do you know them?"  He ignored her and Grandma didn't seem to care.

But I could tell he was a lot like my guy, never one to meet a stranger.  He held his own in the converstation and had wise cracks overflowing more than my popcorn bucket.

Seriously this kid cracked us up.  He knew he was funny but not in an egotistical way.  Instead he just matter of fact stated, "I'm going to be a comedian someday."

And also, there's two reasons girls like him.  One he's cute.  Two he's funny.  One day I'll be able to say I knew him when.

He was a delightful pres-show to a cute, funny movie.  It was nice to nestle in with my guys and laugh with all that is going on in the world.

Movie night with the family is always a joy for me.  As was getting caught in a cool summer rain.  Driving through beautiful countryside.  Smiling babies with sweet hugs.  And two happy dogs who were glad to see us come home.


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