Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 23: Joy Tank

What a beautifully blessed day!

I'm bone tired and nearly slept through posting but am still over-joyed from how I spent my time today. It may have been a Saturday but I experienced CHURCH.  The day was packed with wisdom, worship and more joy than I could contain.

Why is it though when your soul is filled beyond capacity, your body becomes so spent?  Once home, I crashed in my comfy chair and, other than sharing the highlights with Tim over dinner, I've not moved.

But I'll take this kind of tired any day to share such an experience with the Lord.

A few months back a friend offered me a ticket to a nearby town to hear Lisa Harper speak. Having recently learned at her feet at Women of Joy and instantly falling in love with her down-to-earth, front porch teaching of Jesus, I was eager to hear more.

Yet as the day drew near, life tried to get in the way and Satan began attempts to sway and distract me from going.  There were many things I could've accomplished today but I'm so very glad God sent me to First Baptist Church in Greenville.

From the moment worship began, the notes and words began to wash over me, filling all the empty spaces we mommas let this world take.  And no matter how close you think you are with Jesus, every woman needs a refill on her joy tank now and then.  Today did just that for me.

This is only a small snippet of the music we were gifted in sharing.  I wish my cell phone battery would've let me record it all, including Lisa's teaching.
 P.S. (Don't miss the rest of my post, I promise it is below but the template is shooting it way down!)

My momma went with me and I was grateful to spend the day with her.  Not growing up going to church with her, I realize what a blessing it is to watch her faith growing now.

The theme of today's event was "Enough," reminding us that His grace covers it all.  To know that we are worthy in His eyes, not how we let the world label us.  Instead of r
emembering our value comes from being a child of the King, we as women so often listen to the messages others give us.

As Lisa shared, I prayed that simple message would soak into my momma's soul.  And to mine.  And every other women there.  Such an easy concept but we jumble it up and make it difficult.  If we faced each day with the attitude of knowing nothing we have done or will do will ever change His love for us, what an difference that might make.

Happy tears spilled out as I pulled into my driveway this afternoon.  The joy was so present it almost seemed tangible.  And I wondered what change it could bring to others if they saw that kind of joy always pouring out of us.

Thankful he replenished my tank today and praying yours gets a fill up soon too!


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