Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 21: American Pride

The guys are up and off early this morning destined for a fishing hole.  I personally think they've chosen about the hottest week of the year to do so but they have good reason to sit and sweat.  Our nephew, back from basic training, is only here for a few short days before shipping out 3000 miles away.  And fishing with them was one of his requests while home.

He arrived this weekend and so far he and Noah have already gotten together for sushi, bowling, and a few games of pool.  If time allows they also want to hit a nearby theme park for a day of roller coasters and water slides.  And of course, they've reconnected over Xbox games.

That's how I remember the sweet little boy who grew up playing with mine.

Andrew has forever been quiet and kind and a wonderful cousin to my sons.  It was always a joy when he came over to spend the night, as he was so well-behaved and the boys had such fun playing together.  I'm sure he's made his share of mistakes, as anyone, but he's really just a great kid.

I can recall his excitement in coloring eggs or gratitude in pouring him a glass of sweet tea.  Whatever it was, he regularly had a smile on his face and was eager for the experience.

To see that little boy all grown up into a young man serving our country seems surreal and fills us with pride.  I kept finding myself somewhat staring at him this week, in disbelief of how much he has grown.

What a gift he will be to the Air Force.  We have no doubt he will see and do great things and will enjoy hearing about his travels and service.
Noah is already planning his visits to fly out and see him.

This momma wishes time would slow down just a bit.  How I'd love to sneak back to the innocent days of their childhood, if only one more time.


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