Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 14: Joyful View

There's a lot of windshield time in my job.

Actually most of my life, I've had a commute, so driving is something I'm quite used to for work.  The difference is that now my drive time is in short bursts throughout the day and, for the most part, confined to my home county.

From years upon years of driving on a boring parkway or interstate, this is a joyous change!  Kentucky is a beautiful state but I'm kinda partial to this neck of the woods.  Rolling hills, fields and farmlands, river banks and quaint towns just adds to the beauty here.

Most days I consider myself quite lucky to be out and about.

Of course the downfall of being outdoors every day is that you must drive, no matter the weather.  This position has certainly taught me to be more comfortable on snowy roads.  And particularly this summer, it has given me more skill in driving in the rain.  I've learned which paths are prone to flooding and how to avoid certain potholes.

However, unless it is a tsunami or dangerous weather, I find enjoyment in experiencing the various seasons from my car.  Along with taking in amazing scenery, I can spend time in reflection, prayer, and worship.  And I treasure that alone time with God.  This is what I remind myself in especially trying atmospheres.

In every day you have a choice to see the storm or the beauty.

Today I was caught in a downpour.  My reaction had the power to control the mood for the rest of my day.  I could focus on the rain.  Or, I could find the silver lining in the clouds.

The minor discomfort I was exposed to was nothing in comparison to the breathtaking view on the next curve.

Which is a lot like life.  
Every day we face difficulties.  
Storms we didn't see coming.  Fronts that move in without warning.  Disasters that attack and threaten.  How we choose to view them determines so much about the outcome.

Hold on.  A beautiful display beyond your imagination is around the bend.


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