Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 28: Oily Life

A couple years ago I started a journey toward more natural living.  I'd like to say it was a quest to better myself from the inside out, and that was certainly a part of it, but the instigator was unemployment.

For the first time in my adult life, I was facing not having a job or insurance.  And that was a scary place to be.

At the time I was dependent on multiple meds, always sick and in pain, and suffering from a couple autoimmune diseases.  If you were ill and called me, I would probably catch the cold over the phone.  It seemed I was always on an antibiotic and the quick care was a revolving door.  Aside from not having insurance to pay for this lifestyle, I was sick of being sick.

Time and again my research kept bringing me to essential oils.  I had no idea what they really were and doubted they could really do all they claimed but it peaked my curiosity.  Centuries of people taking care of themselves with what was on the earth couldn't be wrong.

The more I studied, the more my research took me to doTERRA and I almost signed up as a wellness advocate several times.  But I always backed out because I didn't really know what I was doing or who I was signing under.  And then I was invited to a workshop by a friend.

I ordered my enrollment kit that night and never looked back.  Months of using personally and studying daily, I now consider myself a regular oiler.  In fact, I can't imagine my life without them.

Whether I wake up feeling nauseated, have a headache, need to clean my counters, or want to boost my immune system, there's an oil for that.  My morning starts with oils and vitamins, my middle is filled with oils for needs or emotions, and my evening ends with oils to support restful sleep and aiding my body with whatever it needs.  I've completely wiped out the need for OTC and feel better than I have in years.

The past couple days I've seen the need for a tad bit more emotional support than necessary though.

I'm trying to be brave and supportive, as my baby has his wings and is driving on his own.  But truly, I'm a wreck.  And I'm in constant prayer that my son doesn't have one.

He hasn't quite learned the need to send a simple "here" or "leaving" text, despite my pleas.  And the weather has been unrealistically unkind.  Tonight he ventured to a nearby town for sushi and got caught in a monsoon on the way home.  While I'd like to say I kept calm, it was not the case.

Jesus and lavender are all that held me together until he dripped through the door.

While today was on the unusually strong side for emotional support, I'm thankful no matter the need, there are natural solutions I can turn to for a little assistance.

If you're curious about alternative healthcare or would like a sample, I would love to chat with you.  My new passion is researching oils to find the best match for your needs.  It is my oily JOY!


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