Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 5: Joy on a Weekday

Joy on a holiday weekend is a somewhat easy challenge.  Joy on an ordinary weekday though?
That can be a bit harder to find...and share.

Today was a "Monday" even though it was really a Tuesday.  Just an average day of work and life.  A bit busier than most since I crunched two days worth of work into one.

My joy came in small doses scattered throughout the day.

Joy from a wake-up call by hubby.  Hearing about his workday and a special treat he found for me.

Joy from a morning devotion in a workbook that continues to speak and move me.  (Not a Fan)

Joy from having essential oils to start my day, help my health and ease my pains naturally.

Joy from walking through misty rain on a foggy July morning.

Joy from hearing success stories from parents I work with weekly and seeing their babies thriving and growing.

Joy from a mini lunch break with Noah eating tacos and watching Bob's Burgers.

Joy from picking up our doggies from the sitter and seeing their excitement in being home.

Joy from "me time" to unwind, relax and write as I shake off the day in this empty house.

Thankful for every day joys.


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