Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 17: Sunday of Sabbath

We live in a busy world and most days I'm right there in the mix of it.  Except for Sunday.

Given the hustle and bustle of life, my soul longs for rest.  As much as I possibly can, Sunday is protected in my schedule.

Growing up, my grandparents were wonderful examples of how to spend a Sunday.  Church, lunch, family, devotion/study time, and rest.  That sums up a perfect Sunday for me.

With a Baptist preacher for a Grandpa, it was no surprise that God and church took priority on this day, as it should.  The day was book-ended with services on weekends we spent with them.

After church, Grandma would either have a big lunch simmering on the stove awaiting our return.  Or, we would be treated to a restaurant meal.  Eating out was such a treat when I was a child.  Now it is a way of life.  Regardless of where we ate, we'd be gathered together, no technology interrupting the conversation.  Oh the laughs we shared!

Afternoons would be spent napping, playing games, and reading from Grandma's devotion plan.  She let us take turns looking up scripture and reading them aloud, sitting beside her on the couch.  I think back now to what seeds she helped plant in my life and am eternally grateful for her role in my salvation.

Back then I'm sure I didn't realize the importance of those Sundays.  I probably even complained about being bored, if only in my head.  Yet I see myself following that same pattern now as an adult.

Today was a bit out of the norm for us, as Noah had to work.  His restaurant has decided to open on Sunday afternoons.  Thankfully, we have multiple services to choose from so we set our alarms to get there for the earliest.  Instead of a family lunch, we shared a breakfast together before dropping him off.

Tim is always a fan for Sunday naps but they're now a necessity, since he also has to work evenings.  The quiet afternoon gave me a wonderful opportunity to just rest and spend time with God.  While there many things I could've done, it was important to focus on the one who gives me the time I have.

And though it might seem simple to some, this basic, restful Sunday has brought me tremendous joy.
Prayers that your week is filled with the kind of happiness and contentment that can only come from Him!


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