Saturday, July 2, 2016

Day 2: Simple Saturdays

Announce you're on the search for joy and the world will sure try and suck it out of ya!

I've been hit with a sprinkling of unsettling news today and, though it caused some heartache, I'm determined to push ahead.  In situations like these the most you can do is pray, hope for the best, and leave it at God's feet.  Whatever will be, will be...

Today's joys have come from a simple Saturday.  Nothing special, except that I've spent it with my two favorite guys.

I woke rested, grateful to have hubby back in bed beside me.  And he greeted me with a steaming cup of creamy coffee to say good morning.

We ventured out for the Farmer's Market and breakfast, but I think most of the farmers must've taken a holiday!  Noah was desperate for more local honey, a treat he's become accustomed to after stealing mom's stash.  (It's healthy so I'll share, I guess!)  But she was one of many vendors not present so we drove on to breakfast.  Our plans were to try out a new catfish place only to find they weren't open.

I know, you're thinking catfish for breakfast?!  

But they'd announced on Facebook a 2.99 special starting in July.  And catfish isn't included!  I saw the date wrong though, as they don't begin until Tuesday.  Plan B was heading to another familiar favorite.  Odd as the 'catch of the day' might be with eggs and biscuits, our boy did polish off a piece of peanut butter pie at the end of our meal.

Next on our agenda, between errands, was the annual visit to the firework tent.

I'm only a fan of fireworks from a distance, and prefer to watch them in the eyes of a child more than the sky, but my guys love them.  They loaded up on bottle rockets, firecrackers, sparklers and those ear-shattering boom ones that sound more like a war zone than a holiday celebration.  But they're excited to have kiddos over tonight to watch them.  Or rather, they're probably most excited about setting them off.  Boys...

The rest of our afternoon has been a mix of productivity and laziness.  We've reclined and rested, laughed and wrestled, and just enjoyed being together.

Hubby is napping now, feet high in a recliner.  I'm about to sneak off and dunk mine in a pedi-spa.  And my boy is getting ready for work.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to jump online and post about today's joy.

Sometimes it doesn't have to be big or anything special to be joy-filled.  Sometimes the simplest of moments and togetherness can be filled with joy just because of who you share it with.

Hope you're enjoying your Saturday too!


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