Sunday, July 24, 2016

Day 24: What I Love about Sundays

Sundays are my kind of day.

Mornings lingering over coffee with hubby, spent together in our Bibles and devotion.  It is the one day of the week we don't have to rush out the door, provided we get up early enough.

Today's was especially sweet, as what started off as a random selection of reading turned into a whisper from God. And those messages from above continued once at church.  At times it felt like I was at a tennis match turning my head and smiling at Tim, because our pastor said something that connected to our reading, or to my mom on the right from our event/talk yesterday.

The morning ended on the highest of notes, watching three of my nieces and nephew get baptized.  I got teary during the service, thanking God for answering prayers with each dunk.  For Bryanna especially, I've witnessed her blossom from baby into the beautiful girl she is and how she has grown in her walk.  My prayer is that they continue to stay on the path God has for them and our family lineage grows in faith by generations.

Having an important lunch to get to, we didn't have time to hug their necks and tell them how proud we are but I know their momma shared the message.  We needed to dart on the other side of town for our older nephew's dinner, saying farewell as he heads back to service halfway across the states.

A morning spent with my family, an afternoon spent with Tim's.  

It was good to see all the Blair boys in one room, surrounded in food, pranks and laughter.  You have to guard your plate and your backseat with this crew.  One might lose a sandwich or get ice down their pants, if you're not alert.  

We had the dinner at our hometown fire department, where Tim began his own service over 30 years ago.  I smiled watching his walk down memory lane, sharing stories with his nephew of long ago.

Returning home, belly and hearts full, I snuggled into a nap with my sweetie.  Probably the hardest part of him working third shift is how much I miss sleeping beside him.  I never feel safer or more content than in his arms.

He stayed to finish a longer stretch of sleep, in preparation for work, and I got up to spend time with Noah.  Our last weekend before he is an official on-his-own driver, I soaked up the moments, as we went on a final practice run.  We arrived back home to have dinner with Tim and relax with one our favorite family shows.

Faith. Family. Fun.
It's what I love about Sundays.


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