Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 16: Balloons & Tunes

Perhaps this post should've been titled "Jam-packed Joy" instead of yesterday!  Short of a glorious one hour nap, we've been steady since heading out for breakfast this morning.

We finally caught the $2.99 special at our downtown diner.  Of course by the time my growing boy added, enhanced and topped it off with peanut butter pie, I'm not sure we saw much savings!

A chunk of the day was spent at my Grandma's getting things in order for her transition home from the hospital.  It was somewhat hectic and stressful, as the clock is ticking for her arrival and my Aunt is just a wee stressed.  I came armed with comfort bread, aromatherapy and checklists.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, Grandma's living room is rearranged.  Truly I was surprised there wasn't faded outlines of furniture on the walls and permanent indents in the carpet when we moved things around.  But hopefully it won't shock her too badly and most of all keep her safe and comfortable.

Once home I crashed in our dark, cold bedroom.  An hour later, after coma-deep sleep, I woke up to an empty house.  Tim's five minute trip to take Noah to work lasted a bit longer.  Men and their distractions.  And they say women talk a lot!

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, my cousin began to text encouraging us to come to a free local concert at our new amphitheater.  It was on my list of hope-tos for the weekend but she may going a little sweeter.  All it took was enticing my hubby, who skipped his nap, to get out of the house and go.

He commented it was awfully hot.  To which I nicely reminded him of all the times he fishes in the heat.  For hours and hours.  And sometimes his loving wife even tags along.

I'm sure he would've rather kicked back in his easy chair for the evening but we were both glad once there and settled in for the show.  Three local bands played, complete with hot air balloon rides. They were all great but I was partial to the last group, as they covered a lot of my favorites, like Prince and Bon Jovi.  You just can't go wrong with 80s music!  Lots of great memories jamming out to the songs, sitting on the steps with my cousin as a kid.

Luckily Noah was able to walk there from work to catch the last band and a ride with his dad.  I joked it was preparation for the skydiving they want to do this fall for Tim's 50th birthday.

But the highlight might've been the selfie Tim took.  It's dark and not easy to see but check out the expression of Noah's face.  Too funny!  Maybe they'll have to reconsider the jump...


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