Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 27: Hard Knock Life

There must be something about being newly licensed that helps one out of bed.  Because in my 16 years of knowing my boy, he's never sat his own alarm and been up/ready before I reached his door!

Ever eager for his new-found freedom, he traveled bright and early to our donut shop to surprise his dad with breakfast, when he arrived home from work.  The three of us enjoyed chocolate milk and sugary delights, before I headed out into a literal monsoon, leaving the boys snug on the couch.

By the time I walked into the office, I was dripping wet, drenched from the downpour.  Guess I needed two showers in one day!  I've heard ranges of 3-5 inches and there are areas still flooded that I don't recall ever being so high.  It's been a strange summer.  Scorching heat one moment, flood plains the next.

Because of the flooded roads, inevitably my schedule was rearranged.  Instead of being grumpy about shuffling things and working a now full Friday, I decided to make the most of it.  My new driver was marooned so I went home for an extended lunch to see him.

To my surprise, I found him asleep on the couch and his dad a busy bee, with fresh vacuum marks and empty laundry baskets left as evidence.  There's not much else that makes me happier these days than housework I don't have to do.

As Tim retired, Noah stirred and settled for noodles and movie on a rainy, wash of a day.  The movie of choice - Annie.  For years, we've sang, "Hard Knock Life" to the kids, whenever they'd whine about doing chores.  They never really got it and after seeing it as an available free movie, today seemed like a wonderful time to expose him to the wonders of a classic musical.

To my surprise, he enjoyed the movie and I loved the trip back in time.  My 40 year old brain may forget why I walked into a room but I remembered the words to every song.  And now maybe I'll get a chuckle out of Noah when I sing it to him in the future.

As he's matured, he's not one to complain much but everyone gets grumpy now and then.  Life is full of rain clouds ready to cloud up our day.

But as the sweet, red-headed girl sings...
The sun'll come out tomorrow.  Or around here, by the afternoon.


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