Monday, August 30, 2010

1 minute Joy

Sometimes the biggest joy of my day lasts mere seconds. When compared to the many events and moments in a day, they are but small snippets and sometimes overlooked.

Today's minute came this afternoon when Noah came home from school. (Actually the first minute Noah walks in is always a highlight of my day but not the topic of this story!) I had just received a phone call, text and email from various family members letting me know gas prices were rising tonight and supposedly quite a jump - from 2.44 to 3.19. That kind of spike motivates me to get out of the house and fill all the vehicles!

Noah enters the house, amid barks and hops and lots of tail wagging from Patch, flashes me a smile, and slings his trapper off his shoulder and onto the table with a loud thud.

"Hi Fred," I say, "Want to go for a drive?"

He's grumbling about lots of homework and not having a chance to do it while waiting for the bus but nods and shrugs and follows me out the door. On the way, I notify him that he'll be the gas attendant today, as I'm still in PJs, covered in some type of strange rash, and do not wish to be seen. Noah gives me a once over, agrees that he would also prefer me not to be seen, and replies with, "Cool."

I watch him from my side mirror, looking and acting so grown up, as he goes through those every day motions. What is an ordinary task for us, is pretty exciting for a 10 year old. He likes swiping my card, as if it has magical powers to purchase anything with ease; and he likes watching the numbers race around and grow. Both things, I can honestly say, do not bring me joy! Anyway, when the gas handle clicks signaling full, and all parts are back where they belong, we head back to the house.

Knowing that my plan was to fill up both vehicles, I brought Tim's keys with me so we wouldn't have to go back in the house and swap out. As we pull into the subdivision, Noah asks if he can turn his dad's truck around. I say yes almost immediately, causing him to repeat himself, I guess because he was surprised at my sudden answer. My second yes gleans a huge smile, followed by his own loud and enthusiastic, "Yes!" He leaps out of my truck and runs to the field.

All these moments I've just described lead up to my favorite...Noah sitting behind the wheel, glowing with excitement, carefully going through all the steps one by one. Safety first, he clicks his seat belt. Mirror tilt and check. Seat scoot. Windows down. Radio off. He knows but asks again, "Why am I the only one who can't drive with the radio?" and then gives the answer he knows I am about to, "so I can hear you....yeah yea" with a smile. Seconds later, he has turned around in the field and onto the driveway. Park. Seat belt off. He's out of the driver's seat, around the truck and buckled into the passenger side before I even get in.

The whole thing probably lasted less than 60 seconds but it was one of my biggest joys today because it made my boy extremely happy. To see him smiling is always the best part of my day; and we're making minute at a time.


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