Friday, August 27, 2010

Lil Miss B

My favorite little three old spent the night with me and brings me more joy than I can capture on paper...mostly because she never stops long enough for me to write!

Bryanna is my little sister's girl and I think I've loved her since before she was born. She is a mini version of her mom, stubborn and sassy, knowing just when to turn on the charm to get her way. That is no difficult task, considering her long blond hair that resembles spun gold, or her sparkly blue eyes she can bat with eyelashes so long they kiss her cheeks.

Our relationship was a rocky one to start, mostly because she has and always will be a "Momma's Girl!" She would only let you hold her, as a baby, on her terms and when she was done - you better give her back to her mom.

As she grew though, we quickly became friends and she loved coming to see her Aunt Heather. It's probably because I spoil her rotten. We pull out chalk and bubbles and play on the sidewalk....or sit in the floor and color and make things with play-doh....or whatever else she wants to do every 15 minutes!

She's smart as can be and carries on a conversation like an adult, always listening and watching anyone near her. I'm amazed at her little mind and how you can almost hear the wheels turning as she processes things. I can't wait to see the big person she will become - and I hope she always enjoys spending time with Aunt Heather!

Please excuse the errors and multiple posts of this she decided to come help me write somewhere in between. I'm not quite sure how I managed to construct anything readable! :)


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