Saturday, August 28, 2010

Middle of Nowhere

A few years ago, we decided to share with our boys the delight in an Island Burger. That's enough said for anyone who's ever had one; and they probably wouldn't have to read much further!

When Tim and I were dating, decades ago it seems, we would ride around all day on his motorcycle and end up at the Dairy Freeze. Two burgers and two shakes...a little piece of paradise...and we were on our way. Actually, back then, I remember the burgers being so big we often would share one. Or, maybe that was just the thing to do when you were newly in love.

For whatever reason, once we married and the motorcycling days were over, we didn't visit there often. Occasionally on a fishing trip, or if we happened to be near Island, Kentucky, we'd stop by.

I guess it was about four years ago when we took the boys there for their first trip. It's about a 30-45 minute trip, depending on how hungry you are, to get there, and along the way there isn't much to look at but farms, barns, and fields.

That day, the boys were both hungry before we even left the house and didn't quite understand why we passed up all the food chains in town, especially after we missed the turns for Owensboro. Austin must have remarked how long it was taking and where on earth we were eating. Noah responded with, "I believe it's the middle of nowhere!" (To this day, that is what Noah calls it, even if nobody outside of our family understands what he's talking about.)

Needless to say, they were instantly hooked. Double bacon cheeseburgers, cheese balls and peanut butter shakes (I don't even want to think how many calories that is!) and they were two happy campers. Once everyone was settled in with a travel tray smorgasbord, we were off for a scenic road trip.

For whatever reason, Tim decided to turn around in a remote driveway along the way, and out of nowhere jumped Kujo's twin brother. He snarled, and barked, and nearly bit the tires off our truck. Tim laughed, Austin thought it was cool, Noah didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and I about wet my pants. While jumping and screaming simultaneously, my milkshake in hand hit the ceiling above and the straw pushed through the bottom of the cup.

At this point, everyone in the car is full of snorts and giggles and I'm frantically trying to salvage my shake by drinking it upside down. That golden brown, liquid fudge in a cup was too precious to toss! And that was their first trip to get an Island Burger...pretty memorable!

This afternoon, we made an impromptu trip there for dinner. Tim got called out to work in McLean county and we thought we'd make the most out of a bad situation. A change of the middle of nowhere...for burgers, shakes and memories!


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