Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Love Drama

Ok, so I'm breaking the rules of not talking about someone in my posts but I can't help it! Noah has cracked me up lately with his tales from the "days of his life" as a 5th grader. - this is where you agree to keep silent and I will deny any rumors or news that gets back to him!-

I still can't get over what changes he's had this school year. It was as if, when the bell rang on the first day of school, Noah jumped from childhood to a pre-teen. He's sharper and wittier than ever, coming out with remarks I think Letterman's staff is helping to write. He's more responsible, having his homework done before he even walks through the door. And then there's the girls...

Noah's always been a little heart breaker. Between those dark brown curls you want to run your fingers through and those beautiful ocean eyes, every girl he meets is sure to be hooked. Add to it his spunk and personality and he's a catch! Of course, until this year, he really could care less.

He's had crushes here and there but never anything serious. Third grade must be some kind of girls-are-gross stage because he wanted NOTHING to do them that year (or at least that's what he told me). Last year, I could tell his interest was growing but he was still very shy when it came to anything girl. This year, he's still tiptoeing, but I see such a difference.

Noah cares what he wears, checks his hair twenty times before the bus comes, and asks for my feedback regularly on his appearance. Best of all he's started to talk to me about it.

He'll begin by telling me the "Love Drama of the Day," as he puts it. Noah will re-live the events of his school day, complete with whatever break ups, letters passed, and other relationship news might have occurred at BDE. It's a cross between a teen soap opera and Facebook updates. I have to say it is becoming the highlight of my afternoon and better than anything on reality tv. Who knew 5th grade was such a romantic production!

Then, sometimes, he'll ease into hints and snippets of his love life....or rather, "like life" at his age. I only get bits and pieces but I just enjoy the time with him and sharing a moment or two of his day. I'm sure there will come a time, maybe after he gets wind of this post, that he'll stop sharing these details so I'm soaking them up every day and loving every minute.


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