Monday, August 2, 2010

School Days

There's something about a pack of new pencils and a fresh notebook that bring a smile to my face. I love new school supplies! Selecting pencils, crisp paper, brightly colored folders, and of course, a cool lunchbox, has always been a yearly joy for me. School is in the air, and while it's been a long time since this girl was in class, I still get a little excited about the first day.

I loved school (for the most part), especially the first day. It was just so new - a fresh start. I felt like I had a chance for something special, to start over if I needed. Each year was a new opportunity. Granted, I didn't have this feeling every day, and usually by Christmas break the excitement was long gone, but I loved how each year was a prospect of something new and wonderful.

Wouldn't it be great if our adult life was like that of a student? Each day a chance to learn something you didn't know the day before. And at the end of every week a test, to see what you've learned. Every few months, a report card, that let you know how you were doing. If you did something great, you might get a smiley face, or better yet a sticker. Or, if you were really good, a gold star by your name on a giant billboard in the sky.

Actually, our life is kind of like school. Each day is a lesson for us, if we open ourselves up to it. Stickers come in the form of every joys, if we recognize them.  How we respond to the tests life hands us is up to us and makes us who we are. And, if we have a close relationship with God, no test is too hard to pass. When we struggle, we can have private tutoring with him, anytime, day or night. He is the ultimate teacher and always willing to stay after and show us the right way. The best part is, even when we fail, he still loves us.


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