Friday, August 6, 2010

yellow one...

My mom started her grand kids on the "slug bug" game recently. For anyone who's never done this, each time you see a Volkswagen Beetle, you yell out the color and hit whoever is closest to you. Mom and Noah's cousins quickly learned though that a hitting game is not very smart when he's playing along. He hits hard - even when he doesn't try! So, they revised it and instead just see who can spot one first and yell out the color.

I later taught Noah about "Cruiser bruisers" and showed him what a PT Cruiser looks like. He grinned upon knowing this extra information and couldn't wait until the next time he was in the car with Mom and the girls. It took the girls several trips, and actual bruises later, before they figured out what a Cruiser was. They've since called a truce and can now only yell out either, knowing they'll never win a match against my little fists of steel.

Noah loves this game so much though that it has carried over into our family. We bend the rules that you can tap easily when finding either. He finds it especially funny when Tim is driving and he is in the backseat. If he or I find one, I get to hit Tim (maybe a little harder than a love pat) and it cracks Noah up!

The game keeps Noah very alert, instead of absorbed into texting or playing a game on his phone, when we are on the road. He is always on the lookout so that he is first to yell out his discovery. Being that he doesn't have to focus on driving, he usually finds them first!

We've memorized the spots along our daily drive where we are certain to see one or the other. No matter where we go, we are guaranteed to pass a silver PT Cruiser and yellow bug. They are parked down the street from our house at a local garage. Noah will stretch his head to catch a glimpse of yellow first so he can yell it out and tap me on our morning trip to school.

Imagine our surprise when we saw that a second yellow bug parked near our everyday yellow bug. For once, Noah wasn't paying attention on the way home. I said, "cruiser bruiser, yellow one.....yellow one?" and simultaneously swatted him on the leg. He looked up, knowing we were almost home and then caught that I hit him twice. Mouth open, about to object, he glanced over and spotted the extra car. He found it so funny that he took a picture as we passed by!
This silly, every day game, brings me joy because when Noah is with me, it gives us a way to interact as I'm driving. When he's not, I still think of his funny face each time I pass one on the road. You'd be surprised how many bugs and cruisers are out there - and how often I am reminded of my little guy!


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