Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Tub Time

Probably seems silly to write a post about the joy a hot tub can bring. Most people will think, "Gee...that's a no-brainer!" But the general relaxing nature of a hot tub is not why I love ours so much (although that part is pretty nice!).

A little over a year ago, Tim found a deal too good to be true on a used hot tub. I researched online to compare prices, as I always do, and was convinced we were being tricked. Actually, it was just good timing for us on the misfortune of an older couple. The man had purchased the hot tub for he and his wife and then was diagnosed with heart disease, thus keeping him from enjoying it.

We chose to fore go fall break and make the purchase. "Vacations-are-nice-but-a-hot-tub-lasts-forever kind of thinking!" And I'm so glad we did!

The hot tub has been such a welcoming little retreat for us all. It gives us special bonding time as a family and makes Noah feel like he's at a mountain retreat any day of the week. It's great for my old broken knee (and half the other parts I feel are falling apart). No big surprise it is a wonderful stress reliever, as all your troubles melt away with the first plunge. Most of all, it gives Tim and I couple-time.

Life can be so hectic it is easy to push time with each other to the back burner. You can make excuses for so many other things that need to be done. Tim and I have always tried to have regular date nights and usually go on a trip just the two of us every year. But the hot tub gives us a mini date under the stars any day we like...and it doesn't cost a thing!

It is so nice to sit, surrounded by bubbles and a blanket of stars, gazing at the moon and sharing our day together. We've enjoyed it year round, from sticky summer nights with the smell of honeysuckle floating through the air, to a crisp snowy evening and softly falling snow. Sometimes we talk. Sometimes we just sit, side by side, enjoying the evening and each other. It's the best way to end a busy day after work ...and the best way to start a new week on a calm Sunday night.


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